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Science is serious. It can also be entertaining, poignant, accessible & fun.

I love to tell the stories of science, and I have the research expertise to listen, ask good questions and pick up the nuances. I’m a talented writer, presenter and educator, I'm good behind and in front of a camera and microphone, and I get a creative kick from finding clear, beautiful ways to present scientific ideas.

Got a scientific story to tell? An event that needs a host? Skills that need sharpening?

We really should have a chat! I can provide you and your organisation with:

Whatever your needs, plans, hopes and dreams, and budget, contact me through the online form and let's see what we can figure out. 
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Some lovely things people have said about my work:

Chris produces incredible educational videos. He is a master story teller, and is able to dig deep into the science and then present it in a clear and compelling way.
— Tara Murphy, GROK Learning & School of Physics, University of Sydney
He had our whole school, from age five to eleven years old, eating out of the palm of his hand as he opened our science day in a spectacular fashion.
— Science Leader, Fishergate Primary School
Chris has been fantastic, he helped us at each step. The filming session was simply brilliant — he made the speaker feel very comfortable, and the result is excellent!
— Alessandro Pastore, Department of Physics, University of York
Chris is both creative and highly professional, which means the educational videos are inspirational and superbly produced.
— Andrew Hirst, WRIPA, University of York