Some lovely comments from people I've worked with.


Associate Professor Tara Murphy, GROK Learning & School of Physics, University of Sydney

Chris’ work has been key to the success of our Massive Online Open Course “Data Driven Astronomy” and also our high school STEM outreach programs. He is highly professional, easy to work with and delivers perfect work, right on deadline.

Chris produces incredible educational videos. He is a master story teller, and is able to dig deep into the science and then present it in a clear and compelling way.

Not to mention he is also expert at drawing together existing resources, creating new resources, and doing everything from scripting to video editing and narration.

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Dr Andrew Hirst, White Rose Industrial Physics Academy, University of York

I wanted to raise the profile of work-based learning by capturing the experience of physics students that have completed summer internships or industry placements. Chris documented these student stories as a series of video case studies. 

Chris is both creative and highly professional, which means the educational videos are inspirational and superbly produced.

He is able to connect the work experience to the human story to produce a set of compelling interviews. Working with Chris is easy due to his transparent manner, timely updates on progress and his ability to deliver on time. 


Science Leader
Fishergate Primary School

If you want your children to be wowed and enthralled by science then look no further. Chris has a lively and charismatic personality which oozes with enthusiasm for science.

He had our whole school, from age five to eleven years old, eating out of the palm of his hand as he opened our science day in a spectacular fashion.

To young eyes, the demonstrations he performed were magical but Chris was also keen to share the scientific explanations behind these. Every member of staff spoke highly of Chris on leading such a fabulous assemby and we look forward to booking him next year too.

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Dr Alessandro Pastore, Department of Physics, University of York

I worked with Chris to produce a series of educational videos for our Binding Blocks project. Chris has been simply fantastic, he helped us at each step of the way.

The filming session was simply brilliant — he made the speaker feel very comfortable, and the result is excellent! 

Post-production was done to very high standards. He fully respected the deadlines we agreed on and I'm absolutely satisfied by the result.

Chris has been constantly in contact during the process, giving us regular feedback so that the videos he produced correspond exactly to what we had in mind.