What can I do for you today?

I'm adept at combining a passion for effective communication with a love for science. I have, as Liam Neeson put ita very particular set of skills. You can see examples of my latest work over at the blog and my YouTube channel.

Science Videos ▶ 
Need some YouTube content about your research, or a video featuring your amazing people?

Media & Presentation Skills Training ▶
Want to improve improve your communication skills, get more confident in front of a camera, or start a podcast?

Audio & Podcasts ▶
Got a good idea for a podcast? Want some audio content featuring your science? Need training so you can make your own?

Events, Performance & Comedy ▶
Planning an event? Need an MC to keep it flowing, or a speaker to add some flair and humour to proceedings? 

Science Writing ▶
I'm a polished and creative writer and editor, I can help you find the heart of your story and tell it in print.

Outreach & Education ▶
Got an idea to get your science out of the lab and in front of the world? Need help with materials, training or presentation?

Science Videos that Inform, Educate & Entertain

I script, film and edit videos for a wide variety of topics — like the series featuring the University of York Nuclear Physics group's Binding Blocks outreach programme. The White Rose Industrial Physics Academy asked me to produce a set of interviews with physics students at the Universities of York and Leeds about their industry placements. I've also created numerous animations and video interviews for outreach programs, online learning and MOOCs at the University of Sydney. And sometimes I do videos just for fun. You can find a bunch of my video work on my YouTube channel, TopQuark.

Whatever the motivation, I love finding interesting, surprising and effective ways to tell the stories of science through video. There's so much amazing science out there. What story do you want to tell? Let me know.

The University of Sydney needed animated explainers for their first science MOOC, Data-driven Astronomy

The Binding Blocks people at the University of York needed videos about their outreach programme that uses LEGO to teach nuclear physics.

WRIPA wanted videos to share the experiences of physics students doing industry placements.

Audio & Podcasts

It's not just video — I'm a big fan of audio too.

I am co-host, producer and editor of the syzygy astronomy podcast — on Apple Podcasts, Overcast and PocketCasts, or just visit the show at syzygy.fm.

I spent five years producing a science show on community radio in Sydney, and I have a load of audio editing experience through producing podcasts of scientific talks at the University of Sydney.

Got a good idea for a podcast? Want to learn how to produce your own great-sounding audio content? I'm all ears.

Media & Presentation Skills Training

Does this make you nervous?

Does this make you nervous?

More and more, scientists require the confidence and skills to communicate with a variety of audiences, from school kids, to journalists, to politicians, to pub crowds.

Communication and presentation skills are increasingly important for science graduates as well, and students expect to get real training and experience through their degrees.

I can create a programme to provide real experience with writing, editing, and presentation on microphone and camera, to build confidence and hone skills. Sound good? Talk to me.

Science Writing

I'm fluent in many forms of jargon — even hipster

I'm fluent in many forms of jargon — even hipster

Sometimes you don't need the picture, you need the thousand words. I can help you to strip out the unnecessary jargon, unbury the lede, get the story front and centre, bring your personality to the fore and tailor your science for your chosen audience.

I have written and edited news, columns, interviews and articles about science for years at the University of Sydney. I know how research (and researchers) work, and what media publications are looking for.

Got some words that need smithing? Drop me a line.

Events, Performance & Comedy

Singing about Science and Fake News during my science cabaret show, Dark Matter, in 2017

Singing about Science and Fake News during my science cabaret show, Dark Matter, in 2017

I'm a talented and engaging presenter, interviewer, MC and event host, whether it's Physics in the Pub, handling Q&A during a public talk, inspiring school students with fun demos, or winding up a conference dinner with some science cabaret.

I've done jokes about quantum physics, sung songs about global warming, and spun stories about science in the era of Fake News. I've presented science shows to pre-school kids in remote Australian towns, interviewed Nobel prize winners about receiving that call from Sweden, and argued with business leaders in swanky clubs about science and philosophy.

Looking for someone to grab the mic and take to the stage? Give me a yell.

Outreach & Education

Reach out to the people who matter the most

Reach out to the people who matter the most

I have years of experience designing, producing, running and evaluating science outreach & education programs, from innovative online science competitions and MOOCs, to teacher development workshops, to two-week-long intensive residentials for talented students from all over the world.

Got an outreach idea that needs some help to get off the ground? Need materials, content, training or delivery? I can help.