An Evening of Science Cabaret
on the Pint of Science Fringe

Walmate Ale House, York • Thu 17 May • 7pm


Grab a drink and settle in for a night of physics-themed entertainment for the sci-curious. 8-minute act as research scientists, comedians (or "comedians"), teachers and circus performers take to the stage armed with facts, jokes, experiments, juggling balls
... or just their raw intellect and wit.

The Details

The h-bar: Science Cabaret on the Pint of Science Fringe
The Walmgate Ale House, 25 Walmgate, York YO1 9TX
When: Thursday 17 May 2018, starting at 7pm, all done by 9:30ish

Contact the organiser: Chris Stewart
Email: hello@kipstewart.comPhone: 07941 626537


Get Your Tickets Now!

Tickets for The h-bar are £4, and they're available now: go get some!

The h-bar is organised with a bit of help from the Pint of Science York — we like to think of ourselves as their Fringe Event. Get along to the other fabulous Pint of Science talks, make it a full week of sciencey goodness.

The Line-Up

Our fabulous acts each have eight minutes to inspire, entertain, enthuse and amuse:

  • 5 Ways the Universe is trying to kill you — a happy tale of cosmic cruelty by Dr Emily Brunsden, astronomer at the University of York

  • Secret-teller: The Quantum Cryptography Song Prog Metal/Rock meets Quantum Information in an original composition by Vilasini Venkatesh, Uni of York Maths student

  • It's all about the Little Things University of York biology student Rosie Leaman spins tales about her biophysics research

  • Juggling Assumptions with Invisible Gravity — match your wits against gravity in an interactive pub experiment with York's finest circus skills guru Circus Stu

  • Astrology: Even The Stars Say It's BollocksJames Lees, Science Communicator and Physics grad from the University of York

  • A Wild Biologist Appears! — the trials and pitfalls of a trainees biologist by Conor Cooper, Biology student at the University of York

  • Milennial Sh*t Bags, a subtle commentary on teaching science by entertainer and educator Stevie Steven

  • and a warm welcome to Des McLernon, ring-in Leeds science comedian (oh, and also Reader in Signal Processing at the University of Leeds)