Explore the Universe with Syzygy (Wait ... ANOTHER NEW PODCAST!?)

syzygy logo.png

A second, brand-spanking new podcast for you: Syzygy, co-hosted by Dr Emily Brunsden, astronomer at the University of York.

Syzygy is a podcast where Emily and I explore the universe together. Astronomers are learning so much about the cosmos, so rapidly, that literally every week brings some amazing new discovery to share.

Each episode is centred around some recent astronomy research — maybe you heard about it on the news, maybe not — which we delve into in more detail. You don’t need a science background, we’re aiming the podcast at secondary-level students and up: anyone curious about the universe and how we explore it, and who wants a bit more than just a sound bite on TV or radio.

Emily is an astronomer in the Department of Physics at the University of York, and Director of York's AstroCampus, so she knows all the background and has her finger on the pulse of research around the world. I’m a science communicator with a background in particle and nuclear physics — way down the other end of the distance scale! — so I get to learn about all these brilliant new ideas and then grill Emily about them.

Since the podcast will be a bit newsy, we won't know from week to week what we’re going to talk about until we discover it for ourselves! We’ll release episodes as we produce them, aiming for an episode at least every two weeks, more often when we can.

You can find the podcast at our website, syzygy.fm, or subscribe at Apple Podcasts, Overcast, PocketCasts, and probably some other podcast directories as well.