About Me

Need someone to combine strong communication skills, presentation flair, educational savvy and a scientific research base? We really should talk.

I'm a science communicator, outreach specialist and science education researcher, working freelance in Sunny North Yorkshire, UK, and Sydney, Australia.

As a theoretical physicist I trained computers to simulate subnuclear physics, to understand how quarks work — if you're super keen, you can read my thesis. The research was all great fun, until it wasn't; at the end of my PhD I realised that I much preferred to talk to people about science than actually do it myself.

So these days you'll find me running outreach programs and activities, producing video content, doing science comedy in pubs, MCing events, mucking around with microphones and podcast gear, and generally enjoying science storytelling in any way I can.

The Sydney Connection
For 15 years I've run outreach and science communication programs at the University of Sydney, mostly with the School of Physics. I am Director of the University of Sydney's renowned International Science School, which gathers together 140 top school students from across the world for two weeks of inspirational talks, tours and hands-on activities. I manage the program, produce educational materials, coordinate the international speaker schedule, and lead a team of volunteer staff to provide an unforgettable experience to inspire the next generation of scientists.

I'm working with a team at the Australian Computing Academy, a collaboration between Sydney Uni and the wonderful people at GROK Learning, to produce an online learning environment and materials for Australia's new national Digital Technologies curriculum. I'm a member of an amazing team of astronomers and cosmologists on one of the University of Sydney's first MOOCs, Data-Driven Astronomy, contributing animated educational videos and interviews with active researchers in the field.

Freelancing In York
I'm increasingly doing freelance work and consultation as a video creator and science communicator in and around York, making educational and entertaining science videos for diverse audiences. I produced a range of educational and informative videos with physicists at the University of York, and a series of interviews with students about industry placements through the White Rose Industrial Physics Academy. In 2016 The Ogden Trust contracted me to evaluate their Ogden Science Officers program across the UK.

Want All The Details?
If you're a details sort of person, go nuts: you can download my full CV here.

So ... what's with the kip in kipstewart.com?
It's an old nickname: my brother couldn't say Christopher when we were young, and it came out Kiptopher. The Kip part stuck, and it's now my nom de web. Also, kipstewart.com helps to avoid confusion with that guy who used to be the drummer for Genesis and now writes about lemons in Andalucia.

Requisite moody headshot.

Requisite moody headshot.

I've worked with these amazing people over the last two decades.

I've worked with these amazing people over the last two decades.